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Water Cooler Large

One of our most popular items! Everyone knows the importance of drinking plenty of good, clean water everyday. With our best-selling water cooler, you can have a convenient dispenser without having to sacrifice style! Fully glazed inside, our water coolers keep your water clean and pure, and the natural thermal-resistance of clay will keep your drinks nicely chilled! Weve designed the cooler to be convertible to fit all your needs: fill it to the brim, cover it, and take it with you to picnics, outings, or sporting events. Or take the top off and it accepts standard sized 3 and 5 gallon water jugs. Set it on the counter for easy accessibility, or grab the optional Water Cooler Coaster and place it wherever you please!

Our Water Cooler comes with a high quality spigot for easy dispensing. As with all our products, your cooler may be customized with any of our color selections.


Price: $100.00